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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Leonardo DiCaprio American Actor, Film Producer, And Environmentalist

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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, of course, we all aware of this name and not just once but a thousand and million times every girl must have fallen for him. An inspirational character, beautiful hearten soul and an enchanting mind personality, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best and currently the top actors of Hollywood industry. He is also one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood. All the characters that are palyed by him are extremely amazing and are memorable enough that can never be forgotten by any person. Let us now have a look at this amazing and interesting trivia quiz and see how much you know about the most amazing actor, Leonardo DiCaprio!

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1. What is the birthdate of Leonardo DiCaprio?

35183 6 February 1978
35184 11 November 1974
35185 12 august 1980
35186 18 September 1967

2. What is the favorite color of Leonardo DiCaprio?

35187 Black
35188 Red
35189 Blue
35190 Green

3. What is the height of Leonardo DiCaprio?

35191 1.78 meters
35192 1.67 meters
35193 1.89 meters
35194 1.83 meters

4. How many academy words have been won by Leonardo DiCaprio?

35195 2
35196 3
35197 0
35198 1

5. How many Golden Globe Awards won by Leonardo DiCaprio?

35199 1
35200 2
35201 3
35202 4

6. What is the name of upcoming film of Leonardo DiCaprio?

35203 Richard Jewell
35204 Titanic
35205 The Tree That Fell
35206 Long Journey

7. Which movie of Leonardo DiCaprio is still known as the best movie?

35207 Titanic
35208 Richard Jewell
35209 Long Journey
35210 Avengers

8. What is the father's name of Leonardo DiCaprio?

35211 Ray Z
35212 Kaynes
35213 George
35214 Jay Robert

9. What is the work department of Leonardo DiCaprio?

35215 Videography
35216 Artistic Area
35217 Filmography
35218 None of the above

10. What was the name of character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic?

35219 Kaynes
35220 Robert
35221 William
35222 Jack

11. When did Leonardo DiCaprio started his acting work?

35223 1990
35224 1989
35225 1988
35226 1987

12. What other profession did Leonardo DiCaprio followed other than acting?

35227 Teacher
35228 Enviornmentalist
35229 Singer
35230 Sportsperson

13. What is the favorite timepass of Leonardo DiCaprio?

35231 Palying
35232 Dancing
35233 Teaching
35234 Social Work

14. What is the name of DiCaprio’s first onscreen appearance was in the children’s TV show?

35236 Romper Room
35237 How I Met Your Mother
35238 Cindrella

15. Whose name was Leonardo DiCaprio's name was inspired by?

35239 Hitler
35240 Tom Cruise
35241 Leonardo Da Vinci
35242 Kaynes
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