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Jainism Quiz: How Much You Know About Jainism?

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Questions & Options

1. Which of the following is the text of Jainism?

148994 Prathamanayoga
148995 Karananayoga
148996 Charananayoga
148997 All of the above-mentioned

2. Which among the following are Principles of Mahavir Swami?

148998 Aphorism
148999 Syedism
149000 Aparigraha
149001 All of the above

3. Jainism, the world's oldest religion, is called the religion of:

149002 Shramans
149003 Tirthankara
149004 Brahman
149005 None of these

4. Jainism is an Indian religion that emphasizes complete:

149006 Non-violence
149007 Asceticism
149008 Both of the above
149009 None of these

5. Jains considered him a founder of Jainism:

149010 Digambara
149011 Mahavira
149012 Lord Rishabh
149013 None of these

6. A cycle of birth and death of Jain's philosophy is called:

149014 Samsara
149015 Moksha
149016 Karma
149017 Ahimsa

7. Which of the following language is the sacred book in Jainism is written?

149018 Tripitakas
149019 Prakrit
149020 Magdhi
149021 Pali

8. Which is known as Later on converted to Jainism?

149022 Vardhaman mahaveer
149023 Chandragupt maurya
149024 Rishabhdev
149025 King ashoka

9. In which place Vardhman Mahavir was born?

149026 Muzaffarpur
149027 Bodhgaya
149028 Vaishali
149029 Hajipur

10. Which is the mining of karma?

149030 The essence or embodiment of a specified quality
149031 The existence of an individual human being or animal
149032 The sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, which help decide their fate in future existences
149033 None of the above

11. Which of the following is the goal of Jainism?

149034 Relief from the material world and the cycle of reincarnation
149035 Happiness, success, meaning, and integrity are all worth striving for
149036 To spread the gospel
149037 All of the above
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