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Quiz: How Much You Know About World Blood Donor Day?

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Every year on June 14 all the countries around the world come together to celebrate the world blood donor day. This event was launched in the year 2004 Marked by World Health Organisation along with seven other organizations. In many countries, there is an inadequate amount of blood and in many places, there is a deficiency of the rare blood groups so the main aim of this day is that the healthy donors must collaborate to give the gift of blood as a life-giving gift. So take this quiz and know about world blood donor day.

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1. World Blood donor day is celebrated on which day?

97123 11th May
97124 12th June
97125 25th July
97126 14th June

2. Who marked the world blood Donor day along with seven other organizations?

97127 UNESCO
97128 Food Health Organisation
97129 World organisation
97130 World Health Organisation

3. On which year the world Donor day was started?

97131 2003
97132 2004
97133 2005
97134 2006

4. How many countries in the world depend on family and paid donors for the blood?

97135 53
97136 95
97137 43
97138 73

5. The world blood Donor day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of ...

97139 Neil Armstrong
97140 Mother Teresa
97141 Karl landsteiner
97142 Charles Dickens

6. The theme for World donation day for the year 2019 was ...

97143 Give blood ,give now ,give often
97144 Save blood for all
97145 Be there for someone else share blood share life
97146 None of these

7. Blood connects us all “ thank you for saving my life” is the theme of World donation day for which year?

97147 2015
97148 2016
97149 2017
97150 2018

8. “ blood connects us all” is the theme of World donation day for which year?

97151 2018
97152 2017
97153 2016
97154 2015

9. “ every blood Donor is a hero” is the theme for which year?

97155 2012
97156 2013
97157 2014
97158 2015

10. “Save blood for saving mothers” is the theme for which year?

97159 2019
97160 2014
97161 2015
97162 2016
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