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Does She Like Me Quiz

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What amount does your beau truly think about you? You adore one another however to make it to the following stride you have to realize the amount he truly knows the genuine you. Take this Does She Like Me Quiz and test yourself.

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1. How your boyfriend surprise you?

2336 He wear the clothes which I like most
2337 Showing Caring nature
2338 Arugement with friends because of me
2339 Nothing

2. What food I usely order in a resturant?

2340 Chinese
2341 Thai
2342 South Indian
2343 Junk Food

3. Which color I like most?

2344 Pink
2345 Black
2346 Blue
2347 Red

4. Where I like to go on holidays?

2348 Paris
2349 India
2350 London
2351 Bali

5. What is the aim of my life?

2352 Doctor
2353 Model
2354 Engineer
2355 Pilot

6. Who is my role model?

2356 Barack Obama
2357 Mother Teresa
2358 Mahatma Gandhi
2359 Dalai Lama

7. Would you consider him a friend?

2360 He doesn't even know I exist!
2361 We're acquaintances.
2362 We're very good friends.
2363 I think we're more than friends.

8. How long have you been dating?

2364 1-5 Years
2365 5+ Years
2366 Less than a year
2367 We just met
Let’s start the quiz

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