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Does He Think Of Me Quiz

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Being in a long separation relationship can give the accomplices a lot of questions and that is the reason most don't keep going for over a year. Is it true that you are seeing someone think about whether he contemplates you when you are here missing him? Take up this straightforward test and discover whether he thinks of you or not. So let’s begin.

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1. How frequently do you see each other?

395 We often meet as we live nearby
396 Almost daily as we are office mate/ school mate/college mate
397 We didn’t meet yet
398 One time only

2. How you guys communicate?

399 By call
400 By face to face
401 By messaging
402 We don’t communicate

3. What kind of relationship he has with your parents?

403 All good
404 Mom likes him but dad doesn’t
405 Dad likes him but mom doesn’t
406 Average

4. Have you told him that you like him?

407 Yes
408 No
409 I don’t want to tell him
410 Don’t remember

5. Has he told you that he likes you?

411 Yes one time
412 No
413 Don’t remember
414 Yes oftenly

6. Has he asked your opinion about things?

415 Yes on something related to me
416 Yes on everything
417 No
418 Don’t remember

7. How many times did he shop for you?

419 Every time I go for shopping
420 Sometimes when he feels free
421 When I ask forcefully
422 Never shopped for me in life
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