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Does He Make You Laugh Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Is your partner cracking jokes?

4780 Yes
4781 All the time
4782 Sometimes
4783 Not really

2. According to you which one is the worst day you have to spend with your partner?

4784 Sundays
4785 Birthdays
4786 You can't think of one
4787 The days when he falls sick

3. Does he do anything for making you laugh?

4788 Yeah, all the time
4789 Yes, and it's often embarrassing
4790 Yes, and your eyes always turn red after a while
4791 No, not really

4. Do you feel that others also find him funny?

4792 Yes, of course
4793 Mostly females
4794 His mother
4795 No, nobody does

5. Does he like making jokes about himself?

4796 Yes
4797 Always
4798 Sometimes
4799 No, not at all

6. Do you think that humor is the best thing in your partner?

4800 Yes, definitely
4801 Maybe 50% of it
4802 You are not sure
4803 Definitely not

7. If he is not with you than how you feel?

4804 Sad
4805 Miserable
4806 Lost
4807 Happy

8. Do you call him only when you need him?

4808 Not at all
4809 Certainly not
4810 No, because you can have a normal discussion with him
4811 Yes, all the time
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