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Quiz: Do You Know The Full Forms Of These Common Words?

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1. What is the Full form of SMS?

87217 Short Message Service
87218 Service Message Short
87219 Single Message Service
87220 Slow Message Service

2. Which one of the following is the full form of HTML?

87221 High Text Markup Language
87222 Hyper Text Mail Language
87223 Hyper Text Markup Language
87224 Hyper Text Markup land

3. What is the full form of PDF?

87225 Process Document Format
87226 Portable Document Format
87227 Pay Document Format
87228 All of above

4. Choose the correct full form of ATM?

87229 Automatic Transactions machine
87230 Automatic Text Machine
87231 Account Teller Machine
87232 Automated Teller Machine

5. Select the correct full form of WIFI?

87233 Wireless Fidelity
87234 Wireless Frequency
87235 Wire Fidelity
87236 None of these

6. Pick the correct full form of HTTP?

87237 Hyper Ten Transfer Protocol
87238 Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
87239 Highest Text Transfer Protocol
87240 Hyper Text Translation Protocol

7. What is the Full form of GIF?

87241 Graphics Introduction Formula
87242 Graphics Inter Format
87243 Graphics Interface Format
87244 Graphics Interchange Format

8. Choose the correct full form of SIM?

87245 Subscriber Identification Module
87246 Subscription Identification Module
87247 Short Information Message
87248 Service Identification Module

9. Pick the correct Full form of MMS?

87249 Multiple Message Service
87250 Modern Message Service
87251 Multimedia Messaging Service
87252 All of above

10. What is the full form of WWW?

87253 World wide web
87254 World war web
87255 World wide website
87256 World war well

11. Select the correct full form of IMPS?

87257 Immediately Payment service
87258 Indian Payment Service
87259 Immediate Payment Service
87260 None of these
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