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Computer GK Quiz For 4th Grade Students

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A computer is an electronic machine that accepts data as input, processes that data using programs, if you want to learn about computer basics knowledge then you come right place. In this quiz, you can learn basic knowledge about computers.So let's start this quiz and know about Computer.

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1. Who is the father of the computer ?

80721 Charles Babbage
80722 Alan Turing
80723 Newton
80724 None of these

2. Who is the father of modern Computer?

80725 Albert Einstein
80726 Alan Turing
80727 Martin cooper
80728 Donald cox

3. How many types are computers?

80729 Three
80730 Five
80731 Six
80732 Four

4. Which of the following is the physical part of the computer system?

80733 Software
80734 Hardware
80735 RAM
80736 ROM

5. Which is the permanent memory of the computer?

80737 RAM
80738 Software
80739 Hardware
80740 ROM

6. Which of the following is a type of memory for a computer?

80741 Hard drive
80742 Soft drive
80743 Chip
80744 None of these

7. Which among the following is the most commonly used computer part?

80745 Monitor
80746 C.P.U
80747 Keyboard
80748 None of these

8. Which computer is portable and easy to carry by travelers?

80749 Super computer
80750 File Servers
80751 Television
80752 Laptops

9. What is the most powerful computer?

80753 Super-computer
80754 Micro-Computer
80755 Nano-computer
80756 Fast-Computer

10. What was used to program the first computer?

80757 Assembly language
80758 Machine Language
80759 Technology language
80760 None of these
Let’s start the quiz

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