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Chemical Mixtures Trivia Quiz! How Much You Know About Chemical Mixtures In Chemistry

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When two or more ingredients are added in an indeterminate quantity, then the mixture is formed, by many mechanical methods these ingredients can again be obtained as simple basic ingredients. The substances or ingredients mixed to form a mixture can neither form new chemical bonds nor can break the already existing chemical bonds. If the ingredients or substances present in the mixture can be easily separated, then this mixture can be considered. While present in the mixture, each substance exhibits its chemical properties, that is, it can retain the identity of its properties in the mixture as well. The substances or components that make up the mixture can be in any state, that is, it can be in solid, liquid or gas state. Take this ultimate trivia quiz about Chemical Mixtures.

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1. Which is the type of chemical mixture?

38011 Homogeneous mixture
38012 Heterogeneous mixture
38013 Both of above
38014 None of above

2. Which of the following is not true about a mixture?

38015 The components can be easily separated
38016 The original properties of the combined substances are changed
38017 The proportion of the components is variable
38018 Two or more substances are combined

3. Which of the following is an example of a homogeneous mixture?

38019 Blood
38020 Salt water
38021 Metal alloys
38022 All of above

4. Which is the substance that dissolves in a solution called?

38023 Alloy
38024 Solute
38025 Suspension
38026 Solvent

5. How can I separate chemical mixture?

38027 Paper Chromatography
38028 Filtration
38029 Fractional distillation
38030 All of above

6. Which one is the example of a heterogeneous mixture?

38031 Blood
38032 Sugar and sand
38033 Milk
38034 Saltwater

7. Steel is which type of mixture?

38035 Suspension
38036 Alloy
38037 Solution
38038 No anyone of above

8. Which of a mixture between a liquid and a solid where the solid does not dissolve?

38039 Alloy
38040 Suspension
38041 Solution
38042 All of the above

9. Milk is which type of mixture?

38043 Suspension
38044 Solution
38045 Colloid
38046 Alloy

10. In Which type of mixture are the substances evenly distributed throughout the mixture?

38047 Heterogeneous
38048 Homogeneous
38049 Both of the above
38050 No anyone of above

11. When did chemical mixture start to go about?

38055 08th century
38056 10th century
38057 11th century
38058 09th century

12. Pure substances are further broken down in to __________ and compounds.

38059 Compounds
38060 Elements
38061 Eatch
38062 None of the above
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