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Check Your Knowledge About Nobel Prize Award Trivia Quiz

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Nobel Prize will be known to all of you. Eminent people of the world who have made pioneering contributions in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, and Peace are awarded this award every year. It was discovered by the great scientist Alfred Nobel of Sweden, the prize is also given with an economic amount, if two people in a similar field have won the prize, the amount is divided equally between the two winners. The awards were first distributed in 1901 in Stockholm, Sweden, and Norway. A few years after the introduction of the famous award, Nobel died in his Italian home and was buried in Stockholm. Alfred Nobel has certainly contributed significantly to the history of the development of humanity. And even today he is remembered as a great scientist. Take this Nobel Prize Award Trivia Quiz.

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1. Who was first awarded the Nobel Prize?

34723 Hamanuel Nobel
34724 Marie Curie
34725 Thomas Alva Edison
34726 Henry Dunant

2. When was Henry Dunant awarded Nobel Prize?

34727 In 1981
34728 In 1991
34729 In 1999
34730 In 1971

3. Who was awarded the youngest Nobel Prize?

34731 C.V Raman
34732 Dr. Har Gobind Khorana
34733 Malala Yousafzai
34734 None of these

4. Which Indian was first awarded the Nobel Prize?

34735 Dr. Har Gobind Khorana
34736 C.V Raman
34737 Mother Teresa
34738 Rabindranath Tagore

5. On which date, the Nobel Prize announced each year?

34739 10 September
34740 10 December
34741 10 January
34742 10 February

6. How many Indians awarded Nobel Prize?

34743 8 Indian
34744 7 Indian
34745 5 Indian
34746 1 Indian

7. Which of the following has not been awarded the Nobel Prize?

34747 Amartya Sen
34748 Kailash Satyarthi
34749 Dr. Harshvardhan
34750 C.V. Raman

8. Who was the first awarded Nobel Prize in United State?

34751 Arthur Ashkin
34752 Michelson
34753 Denis Mukwege Mukengere
34754 None of these

9. Which country has won only one Nobel Prize?

34755 Brazil
34756 Bulgaria
34757 Costa Rica
34758 All of above

10. Which country has the most Nobel laureates?

34759 United Kingdom
34760 United States
34761 Germany
34762 France

11. How much Nobel laureates in the United States?

34763 590 Nobel laureates
34764 500 Nobel laureates
34765 565 Nobel laureates
34766 550 Nobel laureates

12. Who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry twice?

34767 George Smith
34768 Frederick Sanger
34769 Richard Henderson
34770 Gregory Winter
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