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Harry Potter And The Order of Phoenix Quiz

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1. Why Harry Potter is expelled from Hogwarts?

37275 Save himself and Dudley Dursley from dementors.
37276 Save himself andron from dementors.
37277 Save himself and Dudley Dursley from dementors.
37278 Option 4

2. Who founded a secret organization which informs Harry that the Ministry of Magic is refusing to believe Lord Voldemort return?

37279 Dolores Umbridge
37280 Albus Dumbledore
37281 Lord Voldemort
37282 Sirius Black

3. In this movie who is a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor?

37283 Lord Voldemort
37284 Hagrid
37285 Dolores Umbridge
37286 Neville Longbottom

4. Dumbledore instructs ___________ to give Harry occlumency lessons to defend his mind from Voldemort's influence.

37287 Bellatrix Lestrange
37288 Mad-Eye Moody
37289 Remus Lupin
37290 Severus Snape

5. Who deranged death eater?

37291 Remus Lupin
37292 Dobby
37293 Sirius
37294 Kreacher

6. Who exposes dumbledore's Army by forcing Cho to drink Veritaserum?

37295 Kreacher and her inquisitorial squad
37296 Umbridge and her inquisitorial squad
37297 Remus Lupin and her inquisitorial squad
37298 Mad-Eye Moody and her inquisitorial squad

7. Who becomes the new headmistress?

37299 Umbridge
37300 Hermione Granger
37301 Professor Minerva McGonagall
37302 None of these

8. Who is the giant half brother of Rubeus Hagrid?

37303 Sirius Black
37304 Grawp
37305 Professor Severus Snape
37306 Luna Lovegood

9. The death eaters capture Harry's friends threatening to kill them unless he surrenders the ______.

37307 Black magic
37308 Power
37309 Prophecy
37310 All of these

10. Which one is forced to admit Voldemort's return and force out of his office in disgrace?

37311 Bellatrix Lestrange
37312 Sybill Trelawney
37313 Remus Lupin
37314 Fudge

11. Who gives music to the movie Harry Potter order of the Phoenix?

37315 Nicholas Hooper
37316 Taylor Swift
37317 Justin Bieber
37318 Chris Brown

12. What is the name of Ron Weasley's younger sister?

37319 Padma
37320 Ginny
37321 Parvatri
37322 Cho

13. Who disapproves of Half-Blood or Mudblood studying at Hogwarts?

37323 Dobby
37324 Remus Lupin
37325 Draco
37326 All of these

14. Who is responsible for torturing Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom into insanity?

37327 Draco Malfoy
37328 Sybill Trelawney
37329 Remus Lupin
37330 Bellatrix Lestrange

15. Who is inadvertently responsible for Sirius's death?

37331 Kreacher
37332 Cho
37333 Ron
37334 Hermione
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