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Am I Ready To Get Married quiz

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Before you get married ask one question to himself/herself am I ready to get married because marriage is a big commitment. In every marriage person thinks about the things should happen during and after the marriage. Rarely anyone focused on the time before the marriage. The time period between engagement and marriage is very special and precious. Everyone wants to enjoy it heartfully. The person needs to follow some guidelines and stop their bad habits. So, take this quiz and know that you ready for marriage or not.

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1. According to you which one is your worst habit?

8131 Drinking
8132 Attracted towards anyone easily
8133 Cant sleep without your mother
8134 Cant sleep without your partner

2. What do you think your future spouse will give you proper space?

8135 Yes of course because it is your life
8136 Yes but not all the time
8137 Yes because it is your need
8138 You don’t know about it

3. Do you think that you will deal with any bad situation patiently with your future spouse?

8139 You try to deal with it
8140 A little bit
8141 No, not at all
8142 Yes but not in every condition

4. In the case of love do you feel that you are selfish?

8143 Sometimes you feel it
8144 May be
8145 No, you are not selfish
8146 Yes you are too much selfish

5. Do you feel that marriage makes your life become stable?

8147 May be
8148 Sometimes you feel it
8149 You don’t know
8150 Yes

6. Do you feel that you ready for all the necessary sacrifices for the sake of your future marriage?

8151 No
8152 May be
8153 In some condition
8154 Yes but not all the things

7. Do you feel that you should be financially stable before getting married?

8155 Of course, since it’s the one with the most money who makes all the decisions
8156 Hey, if you don’t have it, you don’t have it
8157 Yes, because you’ll get to afford more things with it.
8158 Not necessarily, because love doesn’t buy happiness
Let’s start the quiz

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