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Acids, Bases And Salts Trivia Quiz 7th Grade Students

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Acid is a chemical compound that dissolves in water give hydrogen ions. Its pH value is less than 7.0. The good taste of any food makes our life tasty as well. The flavors of food are either sour, sweet, or salty. The taste of sourness in food is due to the presence of acid in it, while the salty taste of food is due to the salt present in it. The bitter taste of cold drinks is due to the base present in it. That is, the kind of taste of food is due to the presence of acid, salt, or base in it. So take this quiz and know more about acid, base, and salt.

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1. What is the chemical name of baking soda?

119088 Potassium carbonate
119089 Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate
119090 Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate
119091 Sodium Carbonate

2. Which one is known as carbolic acid?

119092 Phenol
119093 Ethanol
119094 Acetic acid
119095 Oxalic acid

3. Name an element that is common to all acids?

119096 Sulphur
119097 Chlorine
119098 Nitrogen
119099 Hydrogen

4. What happens when an acid reacts with metal oxide?

119100 Salt and water is formed
119101 Metal hydride is formed
119102 Oxyacid will be formed
119103 None of the above

5. Which of the following is battery acid?

119104 Carboxylic acid mixed with water
119105 Sulphuric acid diluted with water
119106 Concentrated hydrochloric acid
119107 Concentrated sulphuric acid

6. Which of the following is present in Bee sting?

119108 Tartaric acid
119109 Oxalic acid
119110 Methanoic acid
119111 Butanoic acid

7. Which sodium compound is used for softening hard water?

119112 NaHCO3
119113 Na2CO3
119114 NaCl
119115 All of the above

8. Name a salt whose aqueous solution turns blue litmus paper to red?

119116 Sodium acetate
119117 Potassium sulfate
119118 Potassium Carbonate
119119 Ammonium Sulphate

9. Acid is the substance that ....

119120 Takes electron
119121 Provides electron
119122 Proton gives
119123 Donates hydrogen ions

10. The common name of CaOCl2 is ...

119124 Common Salt
119125 Plaster of Paris
119126 Gypsum
119127 Bleaching powder

11. Which is known as Carbolic acid?

119128 Ethanol
119129 Acetic acid
119130 Oxalic acid
119131 Phenol

12. Which of the following salts gives a pH of 7, when aqueous?

119132 Sodium carbonate
119133 Ammonium Nitrate
119134 Potassium Chloride
119135 Calcium Chloride

13. Name a salt which when dissolved in water becomes an acidic solution?

119136 Potassium chloride
119137 Ammonium Chloride
119138 Sodium Carbonate
119139 Sodium Acetate

14. Which of the following salts gives an alkaline solution when dissolved in water?

119140 Ammonium Chloride
119141 Sodium Carbonate
119142 Sodium Acetate
119143 Sodium Chloride
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