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Should I Leave My Husband Quiz

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In our society, leaving the husband is very difficult for a woman because it affects her life in many ways like her reputation, financial stability, and many more things. If she has children then leaving the partner to become more difficult because she is emotionally attached with her kids and for their kids, she needs financial stability also. So, if you are thinking about leaving your husband then play this quiz and know more about it.

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1. Does your partner respect your opinion?

8051 No
8052 Sometimes
8053 Not much
8054 Yes

2. Do you have to fight the Infront of your family?

8055 Yes, most of the time
8056 Yes, but not always
8057 Rarely
8058 No

3. Do you have to fight in front of your kids?

8059 Yes, always
8060 Yes
8061 Rarely
8062 No, we don’t fight in front of kids

4. Does he still give you any gift?

8063 No not at all
8064 No
8065 Sometimes
8066 Yes always

5. Does he blame you for his bad financial condition?

8067 Yes, all the times
8068 Yes, most of the time
8069 Yes, when he paid the bills
8070 No because he knows it is necessary

6. Do you feel that your husband is cheating on you?

8071 Yes, you feel it always
8072 Yes
8073 Yes, because his behaviour changes a lot
8074 No, it is not possible

7. Does your partner still attract towards you?

8075 No, you don’t feel it
8076 Yes, when he is in good mood
8077 Yes, when he needs something from you
8078 Yes, always

8. According to you what is the main reason you are still in the relationship?

8079 Because of kids
8080 Because of money
8081 Because of society
8082 You don’t know

9. Does your partner still tell you that he loves you?

8083 No, not anymore
8084 Yes, but only after you say it first
8085 You don’t notice it
8086 Yes, all the time

10. How many times do you feel that this is the best time of leaving him?

8087 Always
8088 After every fight
8089 Not always
8090 You never think about it
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