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Work And Energy Trivia Quiz For 9th Grade Students

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When the energy is transferred to or from an object by the application of force due to displacement is called work displacement. The product of the magnitude of the force acting on the body and the displacement in the direction of the force is called the work done of the object. Work done is zero if force acting on any object but no displacement takes place. So take this quiz and know more about work and energy.

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1. The SI unit of work is ....

132795 Joule
132796 Kilogram
132797 Meter
132798 None of these

2. Mechanical energy is the ....

132799 Product of Kinetic energy and Potential energy
132800 Sum of Kinetic energy and Potential energy
132801 Both of these
132802 None of these

3. Objects in motion possess energy this kind of energy is ....

132803 Potential energy
132804 Kinetic energy
132805 Both of these
132806 None of these

4. When two identical bodies are in motion then the body with a higher velocity has more ......

132807 Kinetic energy
132808 Potential energy
132809 Mechanical energy
132810 None of these

5. Which one of the following is not a factor which affects kinetic energy?

132811 Mass
132812 Momentum
132813 Velocity
132814 Time

6. How many types of potential energy?

132815 Two
132816 Three
132817 Four
132818 Five

7. Who gave the law of conservation of energy?

132819 Antoine Lavoisier's
132820 Sir Isaac Newton
132821 Julius Mayer
132822 None of these

8. What is the SI unit of power?

132823 Joule
132824 Watt
132825 Meter
132826 Kilogram

9. When both the force and the displacement are in the same direction, work done is ....

132827 Negative
132828 Positive
132829 Nuetral
132830 None of these

10. If force and displacement act at an angle of 90° then work done is.....

132831 Positive
132832 Negative
132833 Zero
132834 None of these

11. Which type of energy is possessed by a body due to its change in shape?

132835 Gravitational Potential Energy
132836 Elastic Potential Energy
132837 Chemical Potential Energy
132838 None of these
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