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Quiz: Which Work It Character Are You?

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If you love to dance, drama and romance then, you must be a fan of ‘Work It’. The quirky teens with big dreams make us all want to be a part of ‘TBD’. Especially the hot guys of the dance teams! Do you have what it takes to be a dancer? Are you ready to do anything to win? Then you can find yourself among these characters. Take the quiz to find out.

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1. Which is your choice for a team?

127489 TBD
127490 Thunderbirds
127491 Both
127492 Neither

2. How would you describe your personality?

127493 Determined
127494 Passionate
127495 Kind
127496 Talented

3. How would your friends describe your personality?

127497 Loyal
127498 Helpful
127499 Proud
127500 Smart

4. Have you ever performed in front of an audience?

127501 Yes, many times
127502 Once or twice
127503 No, but I want to
127504 Never

5. If someone tells you, ‘you can’t do it’, you would ____________?

127505 Prove them wrong
127506 Tell them off
127507 Wouldn’t pay attention
127508 Feel demotivated

6. If your best friend needed help, you would ____________?

127509 Go out of my way to help
127510 Help her out if I can
127511 Give her some advice
127512 Ignore her

7. What is your favorite dance genre?

127513 Freestyle
127514 Ballet
127515 Hip-Hop
127516 Contemporary

8. Whose dreams are you trying to fulfill?

127517 My own
127518 My parents
127519 Not sure
127520 I don’t have any dreams

9. If you were a beginner, how would you win an elite dance competition?

127521 Practice all-day
127522 Find a better dancer as my star member
127523 Cheat
127524 Probably quit

10. If your choreographer was hot, you would __________ ?

127525 Drool over him
127526 Try to date him
127527 Pretend to ignore him
127528 Focus on my dance instead
Let’s start the quiz

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