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Quiz: Which US Route Should You Road Trip This Summer?

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Summer brings with it a blunder of fun and adventures. Planning a trip adds to this bonus and is very much in talks among everyone. The United States has been said to have the best routes for a road trip that can get your interest within the blink of an eye. But of course, there are many routes to be followed and admired. You might be eager to know Which US Route Should You Road Trip This Summer? Try out this quiz and get your answers!!

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1. Pick your general mood?

99663 Excited
99664 Adventurous
99665 Happy
99666 Normal

2. How often do you like to travel?

99667 Very often
99668 Often
99669 Somewhat
99670 Rarely

3. How many trips do you plan a summer?

99671 1
99672 2-3
99673 3-4
99674 4 or more

4. Pick your trip playlist?

99675 Beach boys
99676 Taylor Swift
99677 Bon Iver
99678 Robert Johnson

5. Choose your ideal breakfast?

99679 Avocado toast
99680 Eggs
99681 Oatmeal
99682 Fresh fruits

6. Pick your road trip essential?

99683 Sunglasses and s]cell phone
99684 Guitar and ray bans
99685 Water bottle and sneakers
99686 Scarf and road map

7. Pick your favorite road trip movie?

99687 Sideways
99688 Spring breakers
99689 Thelma and Louise
99690 O Brother, Where Art Thou?

8. Pick your favorite car for a road trip?

99691 Volkswagon Bus Camper
99692 Motorcycle
99693 Range Rover
99694 Airstream

9. Where do you prefer to stay overnight?

99695 Five-star treehouse
99696 Motel
99697 Beach Side Bungalow
99698 Tent by roadside

10. Who do you prefer to go with?

99699 Alone
99700 With my partner
99701 Friends
99702 Family

11. What is the most adventure for you while a trip?

99704 Perfect songs
99705 Favorite spot
99706 All of these

12. Do you prefer long rides or short rides?

99707 Long rides
99708 Short rides
99709 Kinda both
99710 Depends on the person i am with
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