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Quiz: Which Skin Care Product Is Right For You?

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Skin is one of the most precious assets for us. We all need to take care of our skins. There are several ways to take care of our skins. Some people like to take care of their skin by using homemade or natural products. While there are some people who like to go with imported or branded products. There are also some people who like both the products equally. But it is also a major concern which product to be used? You might be eager to know Which Skin Care Product Is Right For You? Try out this quiz and get your answers!!

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1. What is your personality?

96838 Generous
96839 Smart
96840 Intelligent
96841 Quirky

2. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you think about skincare?

96842 8
96843 5.5
96844 4
96845 1

3. What is the most important part for you while thinking about skincare?

96846 Eyes
96847 Cheeks
96848 Nose
96849 All of these

4. Have people ever complimented you on your skincare?

96850 Always
96851 Never
96852 Quite Often
96853 Not sure

5. What is your favorite skincare brand?

96854 Skin Ceuticals
96855 Glossier
96856 Rodan & Fields
96857 Tatcha

6. Where are you found in a weekend?

96858 Partying
96859 Sleeping
96860 With my partner
96861 Work

7. Are you a party person or a workaholic?

96862 Workaholic
96863 Party person
96864 Kinda both
96865 Depends

8. What is your skin type?

96866 Oily
96867 Combination
96868 Dry
96869 Sensitive

9. What is your biggest skin concern?

96870 Acne
96871 Aging
96872 Redness
96873 Dryness

10. Pick your age range of skincare products?

96874 13-17
96875 18-30
96876 31-40
96877 41-60+

11. Have you ever experiences breakouts?

96878 Often
96879 Sometimes
96880 Never
96881 Not sure

12. How many skincare products do you use in daily routine?

96882 13
96883 4-6
96884 20+
96885 None

13. What is your main goal for your skin?

96886 Less breakouts
96887 Reduces signs of aging
96888 Toned and radiant skin
96889 Hydrated and moisturized skin
Let’s start the quiz

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