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Quiz: Which Character from Ralph Breaks The Internet Do You Like Most?

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Do you also like to binge-watch movies? Do you also feel attracted to movies? Do you also like to pacify your peers and loved ones towards your favorite movies? If you are a movie lover, then you must be knowing about Ralph Breaks The Internet? Do you also know the characters of the movie? Have you ever thought about what if you were a character of the movie? How might be your life be like? Which character you might be based on your personality traits? If you are confused about which character from ralph breaks the internet do you like most? Then try out this quiz and put an end to your confusion!

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1. What color outfit do you want to wear?

114032 Purple
114033 Pink
114034 Blue
114035 Black

2. What will you do first when you enter the world of the internet?

114036 Selfies
114037 Play games
114038 Search about information
114039 Like all the videos

3. What kind of food do you search a lot on the internet?

114040 Sweets
114041 All types of food
114042 Trendy dinner spots
114043 Breakfast Goods

4. Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

114044 Belle
114045 Jasmine
114046 Ariel
114047 Mulan

5. Do you like to see cats or dogs videos?

114048 Cats
114049 Dogs
114050 Both of them
114051 None! They are not animals

6. Which character of the movie you would like to meet in person?

114052 KnowsMore
114053 Gord
114054 J.P.Spamley
114055 Yesss

7. When did you last had a selfie with your friends?

114056 A day ago
114057 A week ago
114058 Literally 2 seconds ago
114059 I don't take selfies

8. Which character of the movie would you like to have a photo with?

114060 Sour Bill
114061 Mr. Litwak
114062 Sergeant Coulhon
114063 Fix It Felix

9. What's your most favorite shopping stop?

114064 Books
114065 Games
114066 Candy
114067 Cars

10. How often do you check your phone for latest trends?

114068 Often
114069 Very Often
114070 Somewhat
114071 Rarely

11. What is your personality?

114072 Generous
114073 Adventurous
114074 Quirky
114075 Smart

12. What is your favorite color?

114076 Black
114077 Blue
114078 Purple
114079 Red
Let’s start the quiz

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