Quiz: Which Next Step Character Are You?

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The Next Step is a teen drama series. It is created by Frank Van Keekan. The series originated in Canada and it has a total of eight seasons with 211 episodes. The series consists of the members of a troupe from a dance studio who get trained for and compete in various championships, and how they deal with rivalries with other dance schools and drama among the team itself. The opening theme is Stand Up by Jessica Lee and Kit Knows. The filming began on July 19, 2012, in Toronto, Ontario. The exterior and street were shot on location in Downtown Toronto. The series is basically for kids pre-teens to young teens. The series aired from March 8, 2013, to April 7, 2019, on the Family Channel in Canada, and from April 10, 2020, to September 18, 2020, on CBC Gem for the series’ 7th season. The troupe dancers prepare for the regional dance competition, and relationships and loyalties are put to the test at the Next Step’s studio. The members of the series are Riley, Michelle, James, Richelle, Emily, Giselle, West, Amanda, Noah, Elden, Daniel, Henry, and many more.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite dance form?

A. Ballet

B. Contemporary

C. Hip-hop

D. B-twist

2. What is your native language?

A. German

B. French

C. American

D. Spanish

3. How do your friends describe you?

A. Immature

B. Stubborn

C. Confident

D. Leader

4. If you would be given a chance, which job would you choose?

A. Dance teacher

B. Disc jockey

C. Studio head

D. Prince of Switzerland

5. On whom, do you have a huge crush?

A. Noah

B. Eldon

C. Riley

D. Daniel

6. Which dress sense will you prefer?

A. Blue undershirt with black shorts

B. Sleeveless tops and shorts

C. Tank tops and shorts

D. Shirts and Trousers

7. What is your eye color?

A. Green

B. Brown

C. Black

D. Dark brown

8. What phrase can you say in different languages?

A. Thank You

B. I love you

C. Have a great day

D. Good morning

9. How often do you wash your socks?

A. One week

B. Two weeks

C. Three weeks

D. After a month

10. Who would you like to be best friends with?

A. Henry

B. James

C. Emily

D. Daniel

11. Which animal do you have as a pet?

A. Cat

B. Dog

C. Parrot

D. Both Cat and Dog

12. What kind of a person are you?

A. Loyal

B. Leader

C. Dedicated

D. Bossy

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