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Who Is My Wiccan Goddess Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What matters most to you in life?

21994 Protecting ecosystem
21995 Being pretty
21996 Finding love
21997 None of the above

2. What goddess did you think you more like?

21998 Macha (dominates men)
21999 Diana (seductress)
22000 Flora (loves the earth)
22001 Venus (love)

3. How thoughtful are you?

22002 I know myself fairly well
22003 I have total self-knowledge
22004 I never look inside
22005 I might not know everything about myself

4. Are you a good speaker?

22006 No
22007 Yes
22008 Under the right circumstances
22009 Sometimes

5. Are you organized at home?

22010 Yes
22011 Totally disorganized
22012 I am neat, not organized
22013 Sometimes

6. What sort of partner do you attract with?

22014 Romantic one
22015 One who adores
22016 Caring one
22017 Independent

7. How would you handle crisis solutions?

22018 I learn from the situation
22019 I dig in and act
22020 I try to take care of other people first
22021 I’ll figure out the solution

8. How convincing are you?

22022 I can be under specific situations
22023 Excellent
22024 Not so good
22025 I don’t know

9. How trustworthy are you?

22026 I always look for my profit
22027 I am an open book
22028 Very much
22029 I’ll be your confidant

10. How do you define evil?

22030 It’s all about your mentality
22031 Anyone who isn’t follows me
22032 The word is innately evil
22033 Evil always exists where there is privation
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