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Quiz: Which Mamamoo Member Is Your Bestie?

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Do you also believe that music is undoubtedly the best therapy for our ears and refreshing our soul? Are you also a music lover who feels all their work becomes easy when they listen to music? If yes, then you must be loving the very astounding girl group, music band, Mamamoo? Are you aware of all the members of the group? Have you ever thought about what if any of the members become your best friend? What might be your life be with them? If you are confused about who might be your best friend, then try out this very interesting quiz and see Which Mamamoo Member Is Your Bestie?

Let’s start the quiz

1. What is your personality?

113219 Smart
113220 Intelligent
113221 Shy
113222 Quirky

2. What is your favorite color?

113223 Yellow
113224 White
113225 Black
113226 Blue

3. Choose your favorite place for vacation?

113227 San Francisco
113228 London
113229 Paris
113230 Las Vegas

4. What is your favorite genre of movies?

113231 Thriller
113232 Horror
113233 Comedy
113234 Romance

5. Choose your favorite genre of music?

113235 Pop
113236 Rock
113237 Soul
113238 All types of music

6. Choose your favorite pet?

113239 Dog
113240 Parrot
113241 Rabbit
113242 Cat

7. Do you like to see birds?

113243 Often
113244 Rarely
113245 Very Often
113246 Somewhat

8. Which of these Mamamoo songs is your favorite?

113247 Piano Man
113248 New York
113249 Mr Ambigious
113250 You're the best

9. Which boys group is your favorite?

113251 BTS
113252 EXO
113253 Block B
113254 Seventeen

10. What other girls group is your favorite?

113255 Red Velvet
113256 Black Pink
113257 Girl's Generation
113258 Sonamoo

11. What are you like when you're tired?

113259 Quite Giggly
113260 Miserable
113261 Annoying
113262 Calm

12. What is your favorite food?

113263 Chicken
113264 Noodles
113265 Dimsums
113266 Spaghetti
Let’s start the quiz

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