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Which Diet Is Right For Your Personality Quiz

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People diet for several reasons as there are no shortage of reasons for wanting to have a healthy life. There are also vague options when it comes to selecting a diet that might work for you and your health. Being healthy is one of the most crucial things in anyone's life. Diet is one of the most important things when talking about healthiness. But there are different types of people and you must be cautious while choosing them! Have you ever thought which diet pattern might suit you? You might be eager to know Which Diet Is Right For Your Personality? Try out this quiz and get your answers!!

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1. What is your personality?

97034 Generous
97035 Adventurous
97036 Quirky
97037 Smart

2. What time in the morning you generally wake up?

97038 6
97039 8
97040 10
97041 Depends on work

3. Do you workout?

97042 No
97043 Always
97044 Sometimes
97045 Twice a week

4. What do you like to order when you visit a restaurant?

97046 Chef's special
97047 See what looks like best value
97048 Get input from tablemates so you can share
97049 I look for something familiar

5. What will you do among the following if you could afford it?

97050 Rent out a trendy restaurant for your birthday party
97051 Hire a private chef
97052 Hire someone to pack my children's lunch
97053 Hire world's top nutritionist

6. Where are you found when it is dinner time?

97054 Business Meeting
97055 Friends
97056 Family
97057 At my desk

7. What do you take when you open your fridge?

97058 Whatever housekeeper keeps
97059 Leftovers
97060 Lots of snacks
97061 Lots of yogurt

8. Pick your favorite workout?

97062 Zumba classes
97063 Racquetball
97064 Walking the dog
97065 Golf

9. When you last time blew your workout, where were you?

97066 On a plane
97067 Slightly hung over
97068 Dealing with to do list
97069 On a deadline

10. You will choose to eat nails rather than,

97070 Join a boot camp
97071 Swin laps
97072 Take a trapeze classes
97073 Play basketball

11. Pick your best reason to get fit?

97074 Avoid heart attack
97075 Look great
97076 De-Stress
97077 Maintain optimal health

12. Which of these you will not mind?

97078 Having your own gym
97079 Trying beach volleyball
97080 Learn martial arts
97081 A yoga studio
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