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Which Avenger Are You Quiz

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Want to know which avenger looks like you not only in terms of appearance but also in nature and eminence? Take this Which Avenger Are You Quiz & find out here!

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1. Which Avenger is your favorite?

15461 Captain America
15462 Hulk
15463 Spider-man
15464 Iron Man

2. What kind of salad are you excited to try?

15465 Egg salad with beans
15466 Chicken salad
15467 Tuna salad
15468 Cornbread Caesar salad

3. Which male celebrity would you most like?

15469 Chris Evans
15470 Mark Ruffalo
15471 Tom Hiddleston
15472 Jeremy Renner

4. During your childhood, what was your dream job?

15473 Scientist
15474 Businessman
15475 Spy/Detective
15476 Soldier

5. Which sports team do you want to join?

15477 Boxing
15478 Tennis
15479 Archery
15480 Volleyball

6. Which superpower would you most like to have?

15481 Super strength
15482 Magic
15483 Flying
15484 Mind control

7. If you had to watch a movie right now, which one would you pick?

15485 American Sniper
15486 Mission: Impossible- Fallout
15487 Men In Black 2
15488 Hellboy

8. What is your favorite kind of chocolate?

15489 Milk chocolate
15490 Chocolate liquor
15491 Dark chocolate
15492 Caramel Chocolate

9. Your close ones would say that you have a ________ personality.

15493 Aggressive
15494 Cheerful
15495 Stubborn
15496 Patriotic

10. What would you choose to battle with your enemy?

15497 Hand to hand fight
15498 Logic
15499 Superpowers
15500 Strength
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