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What Will My Baby Look Like Quiz

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Most of the couple who will become a new parent is very curious about their child. They want to know that what is the sex of baby, how’s his/her health and most important how’s he/she looks. They are very excited to know that their child is similar to his/her mother or father or grandparents. If you are also in this way then try this quiz to know that how your child might look like?

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1. Who reads more books and articles related to unborn baby?

6140 His mother
6141 His father
6142 Both parents
6143 His grandparents

2. Who is more worried about the health of the child in the womb?

6144 His mother
6145 His father
6146 Both parents
6147 His grandparents

3. Who plan the future of the child?

6148 His mother
6149 His father
6150 Both parents
6151 His grandparents

4. Which one has the morning sickness?

6152 The mother
6153 The father
6154 Both parents
6155 Nobody

5. Who play music for the baby?

6156 His mother
6157 His father
6158 Both parents
6159 None of you does that

6. Who dreams more about how the baby would look like once he is born?

6160 His mother
6161 His father
6162 Both parents
6163 His grandmother

7. Who has more patience?

6164 His mother
6165 His father
6166 Both parents
6167 None

8. According to you Who is the most outgoing person you or your partner?

6168 His mother
6169 His father
6170 You are both very dynamic
6171 You are actually less outgoing than your parents
Let’s start the quiz

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