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What Type of Princess Are You Quiz

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Every girl wants to be a Disney princess when she was a child. We love their looks, their style & their caring attitude. Everybody is fascinated with a princess and loves to have a life with a charming prince. Have you desired to be like her and charm everybody? Do you want to know what type of princess you are? Take up this interesting quiz to know more.

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1. What is your favorite pastime?

128733 Ding household chores
128734 Partying with friends
128735 Shopping
128736 Staying home and reading books

2. What is your spirit animal?

128737 Unicorn
128738 Lion
128739 Dragon
128740 Panda

3. What is your biggest quality?

128741 Kindness
128742 Gratitude
128743 Humor
128744 I don’t know

4. How do you describe your style?

128745 Chic
128746 Bohemian
128747 Street-style
128748 Elegant

5. Who is your favorite princess?

128749 Cinderella
128750 Snow-white
128751 Rapunzel
128752 Jasmine

6. What is your dream place?

128753 A treehouse
128754 A castle in the mountains
128755 A long tower
128756 A cottage by the sea

7. Which is your favorite color?

128761 Blue
128762 Red
128763 Pink
128764 Black

8. What is your favorite jewelry?

128765 Pearls
128766 Diamonds
128767 Gold
128768 Silver

9. What is your dream for the future?

128769 Have a job and get settled
128770 Get married to a handsome man
128771 Travel the world
128772 I haven’t figured it out

10. What qualities do you want in your prince charming?

128773 He has to very handsome
128774 He has to be very rich
128775 He has to be caring
128776 I don’t want a prince
Let’s start the quiz

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