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Quiz: What Nail Shape Should I Get?

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Questions & Options

1. How long is your nail?

55690 Very long
55691 Medium length
55692 Short
55693 Very short

2. What is the texture or appearance of your nail?

55694 Thick and rough
55695 Thin and soft
55696 Round and polished
55697 Sharp and edgy

3. What kind of fingers do you have?

55698 Long and thin
55699 Very thick
55700 Very short
55701 Average thickness

4. In what color do you want to color your nails?

55702 Red
55703 Magenta
55704 Pink
55705 Orange

5. Do you flaunt your nails?

55706 Yes, I do always
55707 No, I do not
55708 I rarely do it in public
55709 I flaunt it when it is necessary

6. What nail shape do you prefer?

55710 Round
55711 Long
55712 Sharp
55713 Oval

7. How long have you been growing your nails?

55714 Since childhood
55715 When I was in my 20s
55716 Just recently
55717 I have no idea

8. Do you think your nail shape is an eyesore for others?

55718 Yes, I think so
55719 To some extent
55720 No, I do not believe so
55721 Nails are a beauty in itself

9. Will you participate in a nail growing competition?

55722 Yes, I will surely
55723 No, I will not
55724 I have already participated several times
55725 I do not know what to do

10. Will you encourage others to grow nails?

55726 Yes, I will be the guiding factor
55727 I will make people follow me
55728 No, I will not encourage others
55729 I do not know what others will do
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