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What Mythical Creature Are You Quiz

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Mythical creatures are fiery and they existed in ancient times. Mythical creatures roamed the earth fearlessly and with the passing of time, such creatures have been wiped out from the face of the earth. Such creatures either are revered or are hated altogether for their wild and wicked ways. The quiz below will describe the type of mythical creature you are.

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1. What are your food habits?

55370 I eat meat and flesh
55371 I eat plants and leaves
55372 I gorge on humans
55373 I am a vegan

2. What kind of mythical creature are you?

55374 Zombie
55375 Werewolf
55376 Demon
55377 Thunderbird

3. Do you see yourself in a positive way as a mythical creature?

55378 Yes, I am lucky enough to be one
55379 Sometimes but not always
55380 No, I hate to be one
55381 I am not sure

4. Do you consider yourself lucky to be born like a creature?

55382 Yes, I do so
55383 No, I do not
55384 It s all Due to my karma
55385 I was destined to be born like that

5. Do you like to imitate others?

55386 Yes, always
55387 Sometimes and occasionally
55388 No, I do not like to
55389 I expect others to imitate me

6. What is your oomph factor?

55390 I am liked and loved by others
55391 I am indispensable
55392 I am irresistible
55393 I prefer to do everything on my own

7. How long creatures like you live?

55394 50 years
55395 80 years
55396 100 years
55397 We never die

8. Do you think you can overcome humans?

55398 Yes, I think so
55399 I will try if I can
55400 No, I do not think so
55401 Can’t say anything about it

9. What makes you so fiery?

55402 My strength and capability
55403 My big wings and claws
55404 My sharp teeth and poison
55405 My thorny tails and huge body

10. Do you think you will enter history books?

55406 Yes, I will be remembered forever
55407 No, I will vanish very soon
55408 Future generation will forget me
55409 I will remain only in books
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