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What Movie Should I Watch Quiz

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Movies are one of the best ways to express our emotions, understanding of others, way of enjoyment and fun, and also a way of time pass and to get rid of stress. Our choice of watching movies differ from mood to mood and also from person to person. One cannot predict what type of movie anyone would wish to watch the instant time period but yes, it's true that craze of the movie can never ever finish.

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1. Who can be your movie partner for the maximum time?

11597 Friends
11598 Partner
11599 Family
11600 Anyone

2. Do you try to correlate the movies with your real life?

11601 Yes
11602 No
11603 Sometimes
11604 Never given a thought to it

3. Which word describes you the best?

11605 Emotional
11606 Practical
11607 Brave
11608 Enjoying

4. Do you feel any movie scene can make you cry in real?

11609 Yes
11610 No
11611 Is it really possible
11612 Sometimes

5. What among following describes the best about your choice for the movie?

11613 Motivating
11614 Challenging
11615 Emotions
11616 Thrill

6. Which is the best time when you like to watch a movie?

11617 When bored
11618 When need to get rid off stress
11619 When out to chill
11620 Dependent over mood

7. Do you decide to watch any movie at the base of its reviews or trailers?

11621 Reviews
11622 Trailors
11623 Both
11624 None

8. Are crazy for the movie first-day first show?

11625 Yes
11626 No
11627 For some movies
11628 Never done it

9. Do you feel watching a movie is wastage of time?

11629 Yes
11630 No
11631 Sometimes
11632 Don't like movies

10. Which aged movies do you prefer most?

11633 Latest
11634 Middle time
11635 Old time
11636 Depends over mood
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