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What Is My Hair Type Quiz Only For Women

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1. Which big-name your hair seems to be like when they are on no item by any stretch of the imagination?

28482 Zendaya
28483 Amandla Stenberg
28484 Emma Watson
28485 Sofia Vergara

2. How simple is your hair to style?

28486 Extremely simple, it doesn't give any issue when brushing or styling
28487 It requires some investment yet not especially to style and feels smooth at any rate
28488 It's not simple to style my hair; it sets aside a serious in length effort to keep it straight. Averagely smooth
28489 It's very difficult to style and takes about an hour to make it look flawless. Not smooth

3. What does your hair surface feel like?

28490 Dangerous and smooth
28491 Not extremely tricky and smooth, normal
28492 It would appear that straw
28493 Wiry

4. During which season your hairs remain solid and impeccable?

28494 Winter
28495 Fall
28496 Spring
28497 Summer

5. How would you characterize Frizziness of your hair?

28498 Not bunched up by any means, once in a while in some cases when it is wet
28499 Fuzziness is the main normal for my hair
28500 An almost no crimped, generally simple to brush
28501 So bunched up

6. Do you brush your hair easily?

28502 Only when it’s wet
28503 Yes, of course
28504 Not always
28505 No

7. How do you style your hair?

28506 I am using hair straighter
28507 Via hair-dryer
28508 Curling iron
28509 I don’t use any of these

8. Do you use any treatment for your hairs?

28510 Sometimes
28511 No
28512 Yes
28513 Everyday

9. What’s your natural hair type?

28514 Straight
28515 Curly
28516 Wavy
28517 Straight at the top and wavy at the end

10. Do you use any homemade masks for your hair?

28518 Not really
28519 Always
28520 Never
28521 Every possibility I get
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