Quiz: What Is My Future Job?

Questions : 10 | Total Attempts: 1439 | Recent Updated: 01-May-2020
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The concept of jobs has been in existence for the past several centuries. People used to do myriad jobs to earn a penny for their livelihood in ancient and medieval times. Nowadays jobs have become a necessity and for some, it is a passion. Is your job joyous for you or is it a mere obligation? Jobs have become scarce and despite an increase in availability, plenty of vacancies crop every now and then. In order to find out your future job, I present a 10-question quiz to find what kind of job I need to have in the future.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your job centric age?

A. 20 years

B. 25 years

C. 30 years

D. 35 years

2. What is your present job?

A. Contractor

B. Laborer

C. Truck driver

D. Plumber

3. What is your childhood dream career?

A. Engineering

B. Accountant

C. Contract

D. Receptionist

4. How will your job help you in your career?

A. It will enhance my career

B. It will be useful to some extent

C. It will make no difference

D. Not sure about it

5. How will be your future job different from the previous one?

A. Quite different

B. Almost similar

C. Very similar

D. Can’t say anything about it

6. Do you think your future job will make you feel confident?

A. To a significant extent

B. To some extent

C. No not at all

D. I prefer not to say

7. Do you expect your future job to be a game-changer?

A. Yes, it will change my future

B. It will have a mild effect on my career

C. It will give a negative impact

D. Can’t say anything about it

8. Do you want to feel proud of your future job?

A. Yes, I am proud at what I am going to do

B. I am a bit apprehensive about my future job

C. Never taught about my future job

D. I am not sure about it

9. What lesson will you learn from your future job?

A. It will teach me productivity

B. It will give me confidence and security

C. It will not be helpful at all

D. Never know what my future job holds for me

10. What so great about your future job?

A. It is extremely career-oriented

B. It is average looking job

C. It is futile to think about my future job

D. I cannot say anything about it


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