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What Game Should I Play Quiz

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Wouldn't you be able to find a fun game to play? Fill in this test and answers some questions to find out the game that matches best with your personality and choices.

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1. What kind of games do you like?

12249 First Person Shooters
12250 Sandboxes
12251 Role-Playing Games
12252 No I do not like

2. Which genre do you prefer?

12253 Adventure
12254 Shooter
12255 Fighting
12256 Puzzle

3. Which of the following things do you like the most?

12257 Weird Creatures
12258 Pinball
12259 Guns
12260 Portals

4. What is your favorite music?

12261 Rock
12262 Just The Radio Stuff
12263 Classical
12264 Something With A Great Bass

5. How much action must the game contain?

12265 Focused on a story, but with enough action
12266 Non-Stop Action! No Story!
12267 Not much action focused on creating
12268 Do not know

6. What is your favorite time for games?

12269 Current time
12270 Medieval Ages
12271 Futuristic
12272 No I do not like much

7. What is your favorite color?

12273 Green
12274 Blue
12275 Black
12276 Red

8. Which sport do you most like to play?

12277 Basketball
12278 Volleyball
12279 Tennis
12280 Badminton

9. What is your preferred film genre?

12281 Comedy
12282 Adventure
12283 Action
12284 Thriller

10. What is your preferred school subject?

12285 Math
12286 Art
12287 Drama
12288 Music
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