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What Dungeons and Dragons Character Should I Play Quiz

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Playing games on computers and mobile phones is always fun. We all have seen the craze of PUBG among the young. Another classic game D&D published in 1974 is a fantasy game based on role playing. Each player has to plan their character in Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeon Master acts as a referee and also narrates the story. Have you imagined being one of its characters? This interesting and funny quiz tells what D&D character you should play.

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1. How long does a game of Dungeons and Dragons last?

52946 Less than 30 minutes
52947 30 min - 1 hour
52948 1 - 2 hour
52949 More than 2 hour

2. What inspires your personality?

52950 Art
52951 Wealth
52952 Nature
52953 Food

3. What is your most liked out of the following?

52954 Video games
52955 Cricket
52956 Football
52957 Volleyball

4. Do you remember your first video game? Which was it?

52958 GTA Vice city
52959 D&D
52960 GTA San Andreas
52961 PUBG

5. Which of the following games do you like the most?

52962 PUBG
52963 Super Mario
52964 The legend of Zelda
52965 GTA Vice city

6. How long you play video games daily?

52966 Less than an hour
52967 1 - 2hr
52968 2 - 3hr
52969 I don't play daily

7. Which among the following is your favorite D&D character?

52970 Vecna
52971 Strahd von Marovich
52972 Elminster
52973 Mordenkainen

8. You play games on -

52974 Laptop
52975 Mobile phone
52976 Tablet
52977 Computer

9. Can you play D&D alone?

52978 Yes, Surely
52979 Yes, maybe
52980 No
52981 I don't know
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