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What Car Should I Get Quiz

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Cars are an important part of your personality. People buy cars for many reasons, whether it is for eco-friendliness, affordability or advanced features and styling. Take this test to discover which vehicle you should purchase since it coordinates your character!

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1. What is your priority when it comes to looking for a car?

12501 It’s price
12502 Power and looks
12503 Fuel efficiency
12504 Off-roading and work usage

2. What’s your favorite movie?

12505 Wall street
12506 Mad max
12507 Gone with the wind
12508 Mission impossible

3. When you're making plans, you prefer to:

12509 Stay in with friends
12510 Go to a music fest
12511 Go to a local dive bar
12512 Check out the club in town

4. Are you family-oriented?

12513 Yes
12514 No
12515 Yes very much
12516 A little much

5. Pick any one which describes you best?

12517 You are funny and a bit too loud
12518 You love your clothes
12519 Your family and friends are everything
12520 You don’t take many risks

6. What’s your favorite drink?

12521 Whiskey
12522 Orange juice
12523 Champagne
12524 Root beer

7. Driving is ____ for you:

12525 Being adventurous
12526 Pushing the limits
12527 A unique sort-off experience
12528 A strain on the environment

8. What kind of car should you like to drive?

12529 The 1970s
12530 The 2000s
12531 The 1950s
12532 This decade

9. What is your favorite food court outlet?

12533 Dunkin Donuts
12534 Dominos
12535 McDonald’s
12536 Starbucks

10. Speaking of going out, you're wearing:

12537 A plain button-down shirt with jeans
12538 T-shirt and cargo shorts
12539 A classy black suit
12540 A locally made outfit
Let’s start the quiz

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