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Which Classic Mustang Are You Quiz

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Classic Mustang is one of those cars that really attracts the sight of people once they are on road, they do not need to be shown-off as they themselves are enough to advertise their value and importance from time. You will surely enjoy its ride as it is comfortable, flexible, and luxurious according to the need of ours or one riding that car. It is a classic and antique model that everyone desires to ride once a while and people being such a car's owner feel great prestige.

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1. Which color of Mustang would you prefer?

96434 Red
96435 Blue
96436 Yellow
96437 Any color will work

2. Which one quality really attracts you towards Mustang?

96438 Looks
96439 Handling
96440 Power
96441 Prestige

3. Which features do you prefer the most?

96442 Luxury Seats
96443 GPS Navigation
96444 Car Play
96445 Anything will work

4. Which place do you feel can be considered best to get your dream Mustang?

96446 Craigslist
96447 Dealers
96448 Classifieds
96449 Collector's forum

5. What type of transmission do you prefer more for your car while driving?

96450 Automatic
96451 Manual
96452 No Idea
96453 Depends over the model

6. Which car of competitors do you feel can compared with your Mustang?

96454 Pontiac
96455 Porsche
96456 Chevrolet Camaro
96457 Dodge Challenger

7. Which places can be considered as the best places where you would love to drive?

96458 Mountains
96459 Plains
96460 Towards Beaches
96461 Anywhere

8. Which word can describe your driving best?

96462 Aggressive
96463 Cautious
96464 Wild
96465 Depends over the situations

9. Which type of vehicle can easily attain your attention towards them?

96466 Sports Car
96467 Family Car
96468 SUV
96469 Huge Vehicles

10. Do you have parking spaces available in your space?

96470 Yes
96471 No
96472 Will manage nearby
96473 Never gave a thought about it
Let’s start the quiz

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