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What Body Shape Am I Quiz

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1. What is your body part where you tend to gain extra weight?

13341 Upper body mostly
13342 It's a bit hard for me to gain weight
13343 Lower body parts (hips and thighs
13344 Evenly on the upper and lower body

2. Which is the widest part of your body?

13345 Bust and Hips
13346 Bust
13347 Waist and Hips
13348 Hips

3. My body looks...

13349 Skinny
13350 I'm not sure
13351 Naturally lean
13352 Smooth and round

4. What is your best feature?

13353 Hips
13354 Waist
13355 Bust
13356 Flat Stomach

5. Which of these would not for you?

13357 Puffy skirt
13358 Tight dress
13359 Ruffles, frills or any of that on my top half
13360 Boyish outfit

6. Which fruit/vegetable is closest to your body shape?

13361 Pear
13362 Cucumber
13363 Orange
13364 Broccoli

7. My shoulders are...

13365 The same width as my hips
13366 Wider than my hips
13367 Smaller than my hip
13368 No Comment

8. Describe your body shape.

13369 Bust and hips almost equal in measurement with a well-defined waist
13370 Well rounded with a luscious tummy
13371 Large bust with smaller hips
13372 Boyish

9. What do you think you will get?

13373 Pear
13374 Hourglass
13375 Inverted triangle
13376 Straight
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