Waste Management Trivia Quiz Test

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Solid waste management has become an important challenge for world governments and municipal bodies in the 21st century. Due to increasing urbanization, industrialization and population explosion. Increasing urbanization and its effects have led to a constantly changing lifestyle posing a serious challenge to the proper management of waste generated at the domestic and industrial levels in front of modern society. Not only is the volume of waste increasing year-on-year, but the nature of solid waste is also changing with the increasing share of plastics and packaging materials. And in this context, many commendable efforts are also being made, which is being evaluated less. Let's test your knowledge about Waste Management Quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. Organisms in the soil can be synthesized by carbon dioxide, water, and methane, called...

A. Wet Waste

B. Solid Waste

C. Biodegradable Waste

D. Non-biodegradable Waste

2. By which organization releases data related to Waste produce per day in Indian?

A. Municipal Corporation of India-MCI

B. Press Information Bureau-PIB

C. World Waste Management-WWM

D. All of the above

3. According to the 2016 report about how much tons waste produces in India per-day?

A. About 50 million tons

B. About 60 million tons

C. About 62 million tons

D. About 65 million tons

4. According to the WHO, how many types of diseases can be controlled by improving solid waste management in India?

A. 50 types of diseases

B. 25 types of diseases

C. 22 types of diseases

D. 20 types of diseases

5. What does 'Waste Management' mean?

A. For collecting & dumping waste

B. For collecting & treating waste

C. For collecting & burning waste

D. For collecting & flushing waste

6. Which is the waste management process?

A. Landfill

B. Pyrolysis

C. Incineration

D. All of the above

7. The amount of waste is reduced by ________________% by the incineration method.

A. 20–50 %

B. 20–30 %

C. 10–20 %

D. 50–60 %

8. When has e-waste management rules come into effect?

A. October 2016

B. October 2017

C. October 2018

D. October 2019

9. What rules apply to build and all activities related to it, from where waste is produced?

A. (G&P)Waste Management Rules

B. (C&P)Waste Management Rules

C. (G&D)Waste Management Rules

D. (C&D)Waste Management Rules

10. Under which method the solid waste is chemically decomposed without the presence of oxygen?

A. Incineration

B. Landfill

C. Pyrolysis

D. None of these

11. Waste which is not liquid or liquid in any form is called...

A. Liquid waste

B. Solid waste

C. Non-biodegradable waste

D. None of these

12. Which country produces the highest waste material?

A. Oman

B. Kuwait

C. United States

D. India

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