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United States 8th Amendment Quiz

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1. Who proposed this amendment?

130985 Barack Obama
130986 James Bond
130987 Robert Davis
130988 James Madison

2. When was this amendment adopted?

130989 1762
130990 1789
130991 1791
130992 1765

3. When was this amendment ratified?

130993 19th century
130994 18th century
130995 21st century
130996 17th century

4. What is the major protection offered by the Eighth Amendment?

130997 Protection from cruel and unusual punishment for crimes
130998 Protection of the right to a trial by jury
130999 Protection of the right to Privacy
131000 Protections of the freedom of religion

5. What is bail?

131001 A really ad jail
131002 A kind of torture used by the British government in the 1700s
131003 Another name for a trial by jury
131004 A fee a suspect might pay to remain free while waiting for trial

6. Which of the following would likely be considered an excessive fine?

131005 $95 for speeding
131006 $25 for littering
131007 $1 million for burning down a large building
131008 $10,000 for destroying someone's car

7. When did the 8th amendment begin in England?

131009 1900s
131010 1600s
131011 1700s
131012 1800s

8. What is the definition of the 8th amendment?

131013 Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed
131014 The right to stand up to an attacker if threatened
131015 Both of them
131016 None of the above

9. Who lobbied the 8th amendment?

131017 George Washington & Abraham Lincoln
131018 Tupac & Ice Cube
131019 James Madison
131020 George Mason & Patrick Henry

10. Why is the 8th amendment important to us?

131021 It would not keep people from cruel and unusual punishments
131022 It would not keep people from bail and fines
131023 Protects the individual from excessive bail or fines
131024 None of the above reasons

11. What does the 8th amendment protect?

131025 Rights and to bare arms
131026 Excessive Bail, Excessive Fines, Cruel and Unusual Punishments
131027 Freedom of speech, No unreasonable searches
131028 Freedom of movement

12. How do you know if a punishment is cruel?

131029 If it offended society's sense of justice
131030 If people find it amazing
131031 Only if someone gets hurt
131032 None of the above
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