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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Ryan Seacrest

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Ryan John Seacrest is one of the nicest and the best personalities who has entertained millions of people through his hosting skills, his comedy his sense of humour. He has made all of us smile through his words and all his amazing actions. He is personally , professionally and famously known as Ryan Seacrest, and he is a very amazing radio personality host and is still making everyone smile. His fan following has been increasing day by day and he is one of their role models as well as inspiration also. Let us now have a look at the amazing trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about the amazing Ryan Seacrest!

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1. What is the birthdate of Ryan Seacrest?

61602 6 February
61603 23 April
61604 24 December
61605 7 May

2. Which country is represented by Ryan Seacrest?

61606 America
61607 Australia
61608 Africa
61609 China

3. When did Ryan Seacrest started his career?

61610 1988
61611 1967
61612 1956
61613 1990

4. What is the height of Ryan Seacrest?

61614 1.78 meters
61615 1.71 meters
61616 1.69 meters
61617 1.56 meters

5. What is the nationality of Ryan Seacrest?

61618 Chinese
61619 Japanese
61620 African
61621 American

6. Which show was hosted by Ryan Seacrest?

61662 American Idol
61663 Indian idol
61664 Masterchef
61665 America's Got Talent

7. What is the salary of Ryan Seacrest?

61666 $2 million
61667 $10 million
61668 $6 million
61669 $1 million

8. What is the networth of Ryan Seacrest?

61670 $330 million
61671 $200 million
61672 $100 million
61673 $378 million

9. Which radio show was on air of Ryan Seacrest?

61674 The Show
61675 iHeartMedia's KIIS-FM
61676 iHeard Show
61677 None of the above

10. Which movie was done by Ryan Seacrest?

61678 Titanic
61679 Shrek Forever After
61680 The Apes
61681 Venom

11. Where does Ryan Seacrest live?

61682 America
61683 Canada
61684 New York
61685 Hong Kong

12. What is the favorite color of Ryan Seacrest?

61686 Blue
61687 Black
61688 Red
61689 Orange

13. What is the favorite food of Ryan Seacrest?

61690 Chinese
61691 Italian
61692 Spanish
61693 Continental

14. What is the favorite show of Ryan Seacrest?

61695 How I Met Your Mother?
61696 The Girl Next Door
61697 Game Of Thrones

15. What is the hobby of Ryan Seacrest?

61698 Swimming
61699 Playing
61700 Dancing
61701 Cooking
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