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Who is Your Celebrity Boyfriend Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. According to you which city is best for love?

2228 New York because of many theaters
2229 Paris because of monuments
2230 Rome because of the delicious food and famous fountains
2231 London because of adventurous life

2. Which type of elegance could work for you as eroticism?

2232 Chocolate
2233 Oysters
2234 Caviar
2235 Chicken wings

3. What time is suitable for you, if you are a rockstar?

2236 1 AM every day
2237 5 AM every day
2238 12 PM every day
2239 Anytime

4. What you would prefer to wear on your first date?

2240 Red dress which describe your look as sexy
2241 Normal jeans and tshirt
2242 A dress which is full of flower print
2243 A beautiful black outfit

5. According to you which way is best for asking a date?

2244 Get message through his assistant
2245 Personally come and ask you for a date
2246 He invite you for a dinner
2247 He send you flower with invitation card for date

6. What is the age of the celebrity when he becomes your crush?

2248 In 20s
2249 In 30s
2250 In 40s
2251 I don't remember it

7. What is your view towards the economic condition of your crush?

2252 He should have at least a 10 million dollars of assets
2253 He should have at least 20 million dollars of assets
2254 He should have at least 100 million dollars of assets
2255 He should have at least 500K in the bank

8. What is the profession of your crush celebrity?

2256 He is an activist/actor
2257 He is series actor
2258 He is musician
2259 He is a great dancer

9. According to you which city is best for living with you crush celeb?

2260 In Los Angeles
2261 In New York
2262 In Alaska
2263 In London
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