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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Respiratory System Of Vertebrates! Interesting Facts About Respiratory System Of Vertebrates

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Respiration is a catabolic process involving: the burning of food substances in the presence of oxygen, elimination of carbon dioxide produced during the oxidation and the release of energy. Some of the energy is stored in the high energy bonds of ATP molecules. The respiratory system consists of respiratory organs and respiratory tracts. On the basis of types of respiratory organs, there are following modes of respiration: skin respiration, buccopharyngeal respiration, tracheal respiration, branchial respiration, and lungs/pulmonary respiration. The respiratory tract is the path for fresh and foul air where no gaseous exchange occurs. The respiratory tract comprises the following parts: nostril, nasal chamber, internal nares, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, and a respiratory organ. So, take this quiz and know more about the respiratory system of vertebrates

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1. Which of the following is not the character of the respiratory surface?

39839 Thin
39840 Extensive and permeable to gaseous
39841 Least vascular
39842 Moist

2. A frog must swallow air to expands the lungs because frog ...

39843 Has no vagus nerve
39844 Has relatively low form of life
39845 Normally breath through skin
39846 Has no diaphragm

3. Which is not the cartilage of larynx?

39847 Arytenoid
39848 C- cartilage
39849 Thyroid
39850 Cricoid

4. Lungs of reptiles are located in .....

39851 Neck
39852 Abdomen
39853 Tail
39854 Thorax

5. Which one of the following helps in air conditioning?

39855 Nostril
39856 Nasal chamber
39857 Pharynx
39858 Alveoli

6. Lungs are enclosed in ...

39859 Periosteum
39860 Peritoneum
39861 Perichondrium
39862 Pleura

7. How many lobes in the left and right lung of the rabbit?

39863 3,3
39864 3,2
39865 2,4
39866 4,2

8. What is the function of tracheal hair?

39867 Pass air in
39868 Pass mucus in
39869 Pass mucus out
39870 Pass air out

9. How many pairs of gill pouches are present in dogfish?

39871 2
39872 5
39873 3
39874 7

10. In which animal peritoneum does not completely cover the lungs?

39875 Frog
39876 Pigeon
39877 Humans
39878 Calotes

11. Which of the following category is without lung alveoli?

39879 Aves
39880 Reptiles
39881 Mammals
39882 Amphibians

12. The presence of air sacs is a characteristic of .....

39883 Pigeon
39884 Calotes
39885 Snakes
39886 Scoliodon

13. Animals in which the source of oxygen enters through one region and leaves through another region are....

39887 Lizards
39888 Snakes
39889 Elasmobranchs
39890 Crocodile
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