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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Human Ear! How Much You Know About Human Ear?

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The ear is an important sense organ in the human body because without ear human being are not able to listen to anything and listening is important for speaking and without listening and speaking people does not express their own feeling and don't understand the feelings of another one. Ears are meant for both balancing and hearing. It can be divided into three parts as external ear, middle ear, and internal ear. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about Human Ear.

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1. Auditory canal contains specialized sebaceous gland called ...

15781 Ceruminous gland
15782 Endorcine gland
15783 Exocrine gland
15784 Pituitary gland

2. What is secreted by ceruminous gland?

15785 Blood
15786 Saliva
15787 Cerumen
15788 Sweat

3. Pinna is a ...

15789 Important organ
15790 Vestigial organ
15791 Both of them
15792 None of them

4. Which membrane separates middle ear from external ear?

15793 Wax
15794 Option 2
15795 Option 3
15796 Option 4

5. Which membrane separate middle ear from external ear?

15797 Peripheral
15798 Integral
15799 Lipid bilayer
15800 Tympanic

6. How many ossicles in the middle ear?

15801 5
15802 4
15803 3
15804 2

7. What is the shape of incus?

15805 Round
15806 Oval
15807 Rectangle
15808 Triangle

8. The smallest bone in the human body is ....

15809 Humerus
15810 Collar bone
15811 Stapes
15812 Pinna

9. The passage connecting the middle ear with pharynx is....

15813 Cerumen
15814 Labyrinth
15815 Pinna
15816 Eustachian tube

10. Bony labyrinth is filled with a fluid called ....

15817 Perilymph
15818 Endolymph
15819 Exolymph
15820 None of them

11. Membranous labyrinth is concerned with..

15821 Balancing
15822 Hearing
15823 Both of them
15824 Non of them

12. What is the name of the organ which is contain by Scala media?

15825 Cerebellum
15826 Corti
15827 Eyes
15828 Nose

13. Hearing is controlled by auditory area of temporal lobe of ...

15829 Cerebral cortex
15830 Cerumen
15831 Tympanic membrane
15832 None of these

14. Human ear can listen the sound....

15833 20-30 decibel
15834 10-20 decibel
15835 40-50 decibel
15836 50-60 decibel

15. Which of the following are ear defects?

15837 Otalgia ear ache
15838 Othitis media
15839 Accute infection of middle ear
15840 All of them
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