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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Donald Glover

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Donald McKinley Glover Jr., the star that every person loves since he has given some amazing reasons that everyone admires him and has done excellent work in all the fields that can never be forgotten by any person. He is popularly and famously known as Donald Grover who is a very amazing Hollywood celebrity. His fans are gathered all around the world and many girls mark him as he is much commendable and many people mark him as their role model. He is a very amazing actor, comedian and producer. Let us now have a look at the very amazing and very interesting quiz and see how much you know about Donald Grover!

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1. What is the birthdate of Donald Grover?

49994 25 September 1983
49995 16 January 1970
49996 4 June 1956
49997 12 December 1967

2. What is the favorite color of Donald Grover?

49998 Blue
49999 Green
50000 Red
50001 Black

3. What is the favorite food of Donald Grover?

50002 Continental
50003 Chinese
50004 Spanish
50005 Italian

4. Which is the best show of Donald Grover?

50007 Stranger Things
50008 The girl next Door
50009 Brooklyn Nine Nine

5. Which is the favorite character of Donald Glover?

50010 Anna
50011 Michelle
50012 Jake
50013 Joey

6. Which is the favorite movie of Donald Glover?

50014 Men in black
50015 Avengers
50016 Jumanji
50017 Dr.Strange

7. What is the favorite sports of Donald Glover?

50018 Swimming
50019 Tennis
50020 Cricket
50021 Football

8. What is the hobby of Donald Glover?

50022 Reading
50023 Writing
50024 Playing
50025 Singing

9. What other profession does Donald Glover follow?

50026 Writer
50027 Dancer
50028 Singer
50029 Director

10. What is the height of Donald Glover?

50030 1.76 meters
50031 1.72 meters
50032 1.68 meters
50033 1.64 meters

11. How many children does Donald Glover has?

50034 1
50035 2
50036 3
50037 4

12. What is the music stage name of Donald Glover?

50038 Childish Gambino
50039 Childish Gangsta
50040 Ret Gangsta
50041 Tringg

13. What is the DJ stage name of Donald Glover?

50042 DJ Gangsta
50043 mcTres
50044 mcSher
50045 mcDJ

14. What is the zodiac sign of Donald Glover?

50046 Aquarius
50047 Libra
50048 Cancer
50049 Sagittarius

15. What is the networth of Donald Glover?

50050 $12 million
50051 $14 million
50052 $16 million
50053 $18 million
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