Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Vajrasana or Diamond Pose

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Diamond Pose practice is very beneficial for health and can be easily done by people of all ages. This welfare posture is called Vajrasana in Hindi. This asana can be done at any time of the day. Vajra means hard/strong. Diamond Pose / Vajrasana is said to be an excellent asana for improving the blood flow in the body and increasing the digestive system. Performing thunderstorms daily makes the thighs and knees strong. Performing Vajrasana / Diamond Pose exercises all the nerves from the lower back to the feet. And the uneasiness that occurs after eating a lot of food is overcome by performing Vajrasana. Diamond Pose is one such posture, which can be done immediately after having food or snacks. So, take this quiz and know more about Diamond pose or Vajrasana.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the time period of Diamond pose / Vajrasana at your initial stage?

A. 1-2 min

B. 3-5 min

C. 10-15 min

D. No time limit

2. Initially, if you perform Vajrasana, you may feel slight tension in the ___________ of the feet.

A. Boons

B. Knee joint

C. Muscles

D. Nerves

3. Vajrasana helps to reduce which aspect of the body?

A. Fat

B. Blood

C. Fairness

D. None of these

4. Vajrasana is useful for removing _________ of the mind.

A. Restlessness

B. Stress

C. Tension

D. All of above

5. Vajrasana is useful for getting rid of all stomach diseases. Which problems are overcome by this asana?

A. Constipation

B. Indigestion

C. Acidity

D. All of above

6. Continuous practice of Vajrasana also gives relief from terrible diseases like _____________.

A. Cancer

B. Sciatica

C. Diabetes

D. Leukaemia

7. What does the body do by performing Vajrasana?

A. Metabolism

B. Hormones

C. Nerves

D. None of these

8. Vajrasana is excellent for aiding digestion and relieving all your _____________ problems.

A. Bones -related

B. Heart -related

C. Tummy-related

D. Blood -related

9. Vajrasana should not be done in__________ the condition so that it causes more problems.

A. Operation done on the knees

B. A person with tremor in the bones

C. May a person suffer weakness in bones

D. All of above

10. Pregnant women should not "do" _______________ at all.

A. Bhujangasan

B. Vajrasana

C. Sirsasan

D. Vakrasana

11. How much time do the Vajrasana Ideally?

A. 20 minutes

B. 30 minutes

C. 15 minutes

D. 10 minutes

12. Some ______________ claim Vajrasana may be harmful to knees.

A. Common fibular nerve

B. Orthopaedic surgeons

C. Dorsiflexion

D. All of above


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