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Can You Pass Serena Williams Trivia Quiz Test? How Much You Know About Tennis Girl or Serena Williams?

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Once upon a time in the women's tennis world, a woman like Serena felt like looking back again. That his arms still have a place to fix the title of the US. When you get to know Serena's tennis journey, you will be surprised that the difficulties that Serena we are witnessing today, she has faced so many difficulties to reach here. That this game is created in Serena's veins. She was born on 26 September 1981 in Sigineau Michigan (US), Serena is the only player in both the women's and men's categories to win all four Grand Slam titles and complete the 'Golden Slam'.Serena won her first tournament at the age of four and a half. By the age of ten, she had competed in 49 competitions. So take this quiz and increase your knowledge about Serena Williams.

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1. How many single 'Grand Slam' titles have "Serena Williams" won in her tennis life?

26658 23 Single Grand Slams
26659 13 Single Grand Slams
26660 12 Single Grand Slams
26661 33 Single Grand Slams

2. How many 'Grand Slam Doubles' titles did Serena Williams win?

26662 10 GSD
26663 11 GSD
26664 12 GSD
26665 20 GSD

3. Serena Williams won 39 singles and how many doubles titles in her career?

26666 13
26667 12
26668 20
26669 39

4. In which year did Serena Williams become the world's number one tennis player in singles?

26670 8 July 2002
26671 8 July 2007
26672 8 July 2008
26673 8 July 2010

5. How many tennis matches did Serena play in her tennis life?

26674 480 Matches
26675 481 Matches
26676 814 Matches
26677 100 Matches

6. On 7 June 2010 she was the world's number one player in _______ .

26678 Singles
26679 Double
26680 Both of above
26681 None of these

7. How many tennis matches have 'Serena Williams' lost in her tennis life?

26682 100 Matches
26683 101 Matches
26684 099 Matches
26685 None of these

8. Serena won more than _____ billion rupees in her career from just tennis matches.

26686 1.5 billion
26687 2.0 billion
26688 3.5 billion
26689 0.5 billion

9. When was Serena Williams start her tennis career in Grand Slam?

26690 1999
26691 1997
26692 2000
26693 1998

10. In which class tennis event held in California, she snatched the number one crown from her elder sister Venus?

26694 Under 10
26695 Under 17
26696 Under 12
26697 Under 13

11. What is the mother's name of Serena Williams?

26698 Venus
26699 Auracin
26700 Linda
26701 Okuhara

12. Which sports genre was Sarina Williams expert in?

26702 Right hand
26703 Doublehand
26704 Backhand
26705 All of above
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