The Ultimate Spy Ninjas Quiz

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Everybody wants to discover the perfect amusement in their lives, and they want it to be provided to them in the best way. We all like being around successful people who can inspire us and give us more vigor for life, which can only make us more content and happier. This enjoyment extends beyond only amusement. Are any of you familiar with any well-known YouTubers? We have not? Of course, we do! There is a tonne of YouTubers that everyone has viewed, but can you really miss our incredibly talented Spy Ninjas? We all started to have greater faith in ourselves because of the person and his channel. See the results after taking this Spy Ninjas Trivia Quiz test.

Questions Excerpt

1. Where does this group belong from?

A. Africa

B. China

C. Singapore

D. America

2. How many episodes are there of Spy Ninjas?

A. 10

B. 4

C. 2

D. 1

3. How many Spy Ninjas are there in total?

A. 5

B. 3

C. 15

D. 1

4. When was Chad Wild born?

A. March 10, 1984

B. July 16, 1984

C. February 6, 1984

D. October 3, 1984

5. What was the name of Chad Wild's video that got 100 million views?

A. Pie Pineapple Apple Pen

B. Pen Pineapple Avocado pen

C. Pen Pineapple Apple Poker

D. Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

6. Who helped Chad Wild too often?

A. Vy Qwaint

B. Justin

C. Both of them

D. None of the above

7. What is the zodiac sign of Chad Wild?

A. Scorpio

B. Pisces

C. Virgo

D. Aquarius

8. What was the name of the first parody of Chad Wild?

A. Like a G6 I like Jesus

B. Like a G7 I like Jesus

C. Like a H4 I like Jesus

D. Like a A10 I like Jesus

9. Which game did Chad play in his childhood?

A. Polo

B. Cricket

C. Volleyball

D. Basketball

10. When did Chad upload first video on his channel?

A. January 2011

B. December 2010

C. September 2010

D. May 2010

11. When did this channel completed 1 million subscribers?

A. September 18, 2017

B. April 11, 2017

C. July 1, 2017

D. January 16, 2017

12. When did this channel completed 1 billion viewss?

A. November 20, 2018

B. March 22, 2018

C. December 4, 2018

D. August 12, 2018

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