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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell, the great scientist, is famous for his telephone invention. Alexander Graham Bell is commonly known as the inventor of the telephone, but very few people know that Graham Bell has not only telephones, but communication technology Many more useful inventions have been made in the field. He is also credited with the invention of optical-fiber systems, photo phones, bell and decibel units, metal-detectors, etc. These are all based on technology without which communication-revolution cannot be imagined. Graham Bell's prodigious talent can be gauged from the fact that he graduated at the age of thirteen. Let us all remember him for his great invention.

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1. When was Alexander Graham Bell born in the United Kingdom?

59750 3 March 1827
59751 3 March 1837
59752 3 March 1847
59753 3 March 1857

2. When was the U.S. Government moved to annul the patent issued to Bell on the grounds of fraud and misrepresentation?

59754 On January 13, 1886
59755 On January 13, 1887
59756 On January 13, 1888
59757 On January 13, 1889

3. When was Bell made the first ceremonial transcontinental telephone call?

59758 In January 1915
59759 In January 1916
59760 In January 1917
59761 In January 1918

4. When has Bell used "the instrument" in Boston to call Thomas Watson who was in another room but out of earshot?

59762 On 10 March 1874
59763 On 10 March 1875
59764 On 10 March 1876
59765 On 10 March 1879

5. What was Bell's first conversation?

59766 "Mr. Whoso, come here – I want to see you"
59767 "Mr. Thomism, come here – I want to see you"
59768 "Mr. Watson, come here – I want to Slap you"
59769 "Mr. Watson, come here – I want to see you"

6. Which person was Bell's assistant?

59770 Dr. John H. Watson
59771 Thomas Watson
59772 Thomas Augustus Watson
59773 Dick Grayson

7. The term 'hello' was first used by ......

59774 Thomas Edison
59775 Mabel Hubbard
59776 Alexander Graham Bell
59777 All of the above

8. When was Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the first US patent for the invention of the telephone?

59778 In 1876
59779 In 1877
59780 In 1878
59781 In 1879

9. Who designed a telephone using a water microphone in Highland Park, Illinois?

59782 Elisha Gray
59783 Johann Philipp Reis
59784 Thomas A. Watson
59785 None of these

10. The price for a long-distance call was ------------ for the first five minutes1876.

59786 $5
59787 $6
59788 $8
59789 $9

11. When Alexander Graham Bell was founding the Bell Telephone Company?

59790 In 1866
59791 In 1877
59792 In 1888
59793 In 1899

12. When was Alexander Graham Bell Died?

59794 02 August 1922
59795 12 August 1922
59796 22 August 1922
59797 02 August 1912
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