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Test Your Knowledge About Vitamins!

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Vitamins are the organic substances found in various foods that are required for a specific reaction. They act as regulators. They are destroyed by overcooking, excess boiling, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and many medicines. Storage of Vitamin leads to malfunctioning of the body called avitaminosis. There are two types of avitaminosis: Direct- when the diet is deficient of vitamin, secondary- when the body is unable to utilize vitamin though it is present in the diet. There are two basic types of vitamins first one is fat-soluble vitamins and the other one is water-soluble vitamins. So take this quiz and increase your knowledge about vitamins.

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1. Who discovered vitamins?

41387 Kreb
41388 Casimir funk
41389 Sumner
41390 Hansleit

2. The study of vitamins is known as ______.

41391 Vitaminosis
41392 Vitology
41393 Vitaminology
41394 None of these

3. Which vitamin is synthesized by bacteria in the digestive tract of mammals?

41395 Vitamin A
41396 Vitamin C
41397 Vitamin B complex
41398 Vitamin K

4. Which one of the following is the lipid-soluble vitamin?

41399 A
41400 B complex
41401 C
41402 All of the above

5. Which vitamin form coenzyme FMN and FAD?

41403 B6
41404 B2
41405 B3
41406 B5

6. Prolonged use of antibiotics and eating of raw eggs destroy the functioning of ______.

41407 Vitamin A
41408 Vitamin D
41409 Vitamin E
41410 Vitamin H

7. Xerophthalmia is due to the_____.

41411 Deficiency of Vitamin E
41412 Hyper vitaminosis of Vitamin D
41413 Deficiency of vitamin A
41414 Hyper vitaminosis of vitamin A

8. Vitamin A is formed from b carotene in the______.

41415 Kidney
41416 Skin
41417 Intestine
41418 Liver

9. Which of the following brahmins cannot be isolated from plant sources?

41419 Vitamin B2
41420 Vitamin B3
41421 Vitamin C
41422 Vitamin B12

10. Knock knee in children are due to deficiency of vitamin______.

41423 D
41424 A
41425 B
41426 C

11. Which of the following vitamin is required for the formation and maturation of RBCs?

41427 Vitamin K
41428 Vitamin B12
41429 Vitamin C
41430 Vitamin B2

12. The richest source of vitamin B12 is______.

41431 Rice
41432 Chocolate
41433 Carrot
41434 Spirulina
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