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Halloween Dress Quiz: What Halloween Dress Should You Wear This Year?

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Questions & Options

1. What’s the best thing you like about Halloween?

90250 Party
90251 Dress up
90252 Both
90253 It’s boring

2. From where you get the ideas to dress on Halloween?

90254 Movies
90255 Books
90256 Own creativity
90257 Popular stuff

3. What do you use to wear as a kid on Halloween?

90258 Same dress every year
90259 I use to prepare it
90260 My parent’s use to help me
90261 Never thought of it

4. How much are you likely to spend on Halloween costume?

90263 Not much
90264 I can spend a good amount on it
90266 I try to make my own dress
90268 It’s not worth spending money

5. What’s the best part of Halloween?

90270 Attending party
90271 Creativity
90272 Compliments
90273 Almost nothing

6. How much time your costume takes to get ready?

90278 A month around
90279 Few days
90280 A day
90281 Few minutes

7. How many candies are you planning to eat this Halloween?

90282 One or two
90283 A few cookies
90284 Why?
90285 Nope, I won’t!

8. What haunts you most?

90286 A ghost town
90287 Empty streets at night
90288 A haunted house on the hill
90289 Countryside area

9. Which animal scares you most?

90294 Snake
90295 Bats
90296 Spider
90297 Mice

10. What scares of most out of these?

90298 The mummies in pyramids
90299 Joker
90300 Greek Mythology characters
90301 Hindu mythology characters
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