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Quiz: How Much You Know About Scientific Name of Fruits?

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Each & every fruit have own scientific name according to their scientific properties. The scientific name is the unique and universal name of each fruit. Actually, we are calling the same fruit in different names due to location. Let's try to know more about the scientific name of fruits.

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1. Scientific Name of Almond is...

72980 Prunus dulcis
72981 Cardamom
72982 Vitis
72983 Citrus sinensis

2. The scientific name of apple is...

72984 Musa paradisicum
72985 Prunus armeniaca
72986 Pyrus malus
72987 Rubus fruticosus

3. What is the scientific name of Banana?

72988 Musa paradisicum
72989 Ribes nigrum
72990 Daucas carota
72991 Prunus armeniaca

4. The scientific name of Coconut is...

72992 Prunus armeniaca
72993 Rubus fruticosus
72994 Daucas carota
72995 Cocos nucifera

5. What is the scientific name of Grapes?

72996 Vitis vinifera
72997 Psidium guava
72998 Artocarpus integra
72999 Citrus Limonium

6. The scientific name of Guava...

73000 Artocarpus integra
73001 Citrus Limonium
73002 Psidium guava
73003 Allium sativum

7. The scientific name of lemon is...

73004 Citrus Limonium
73005 Citrus latifolia
73006 Mangifera indica
73007 Citrus aurantium

8. The scientific name of mango is

73008 Litchi chinensis
73009 Citrus reticulata
73010 Genus morus
73011 Citrus aurantium

9. What is scientific name of lychee?

73012 Litchi chinensis
73013 Pisum sativam
73014 Passiflora edulis
73015 Carica papaya

10. The scientific name of papaya is...

73016 Passiflora edulis
73017 Carica papaya
73018 Pyrus communis
73019 Prunus domestica

11. What is the scientific name of blackberry?

73020 Rubus fruticosus
73021 Pyrus communis
73022 Prunus domestica
73023 None of the above
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